New Nigeria passport has herdsmen and their cows inscribed in it – Reactions

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New Nigeria passport has herdsmen and their cows inscribed in it – reports

In his post he made on social media on Thursday, Apostle Suleiman who was condemning the Ruga programme by the federal government said it was shameful how a certain extraction of Nigerians could now represent the 6 geopolitical zones in the country, saying everything is now clear that there is a ‘fulanization’ agenda being aimed at Nigeria.

Sharing a picture of the new Nigeria passport and the area where the herdsmen and their cows are allegedly inscribed, he wrote;

That’s the new nigeria passport.. it now has herdsmen inscribed in it… it’s shameful that a certain extraction now represents a nation with 6 geopolitical zones. everything is now very clear.. God will frustrate every evil agenda in nigeria. job 5v12, eccl 8v11

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Reacting to the new realization, Nnamdi Kanu wrote;

And now that you have terror herdsmen & their cows on your new International Passport, do you still have any doubt? Every nation has pantheons. Is the fourth most deadly terror group in the world among the pantheons of Nigeria? Why proudly celebrate terrorism?

Femi Fani-Kayode also reacted, he wrote;

COWS and FULANIS are embedded in the pages of the new Nigerian passports for spiritual and symbolic reasons. It is for the same reason that Arabic words are embedded in the coat of arms of the Nig. Army. Do we want to live in a Fulani-controlled theocratic Islamist vassal state?

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