My girlfriend is planning to commit suicide – Man cries out (Leaked chat)

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A man took to popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland to seek for help on how to handle his girlfriend who threatened several times to commit suicide if he dares leave her

In his narration, he wrote on how he has been planning to leave the girl over her constant demand for sex, even when he does not have the strength to continue. He decided to end thing with her recently and she rendered herself incommunicado that he became scared she might have carried out her plan  to kill herself.

Read his post:

Good afternoon Nairalanders,

My girlfriend is planning to commit suicide. She has already threatened me severally that if i leave her she is going to commit suicide. She has told me this exact word countless numbers of times.

I have always plan to leave her because she is a sex freak. She loves sex so much, every single day she want me to have sex with her, am an electrician but ever since i knew this girl i nor dey get work again.

My hand just die, so money nor dey enter my hand again, this girl always want to be with me 24/7 and all the time she always force me to have sex with her even when there is no strength again, when am having sex with her and am cumin she will get angry, nxt word that always come out of her mouth is if i should dare cum she will double the round that we will go to 4 rounds etc…

Am tired and i want her to go but each time i made up my mind fully to leave her she will start crying, kneeling down begging me, the last time she kneeled down for almost 2 hrs straight begging me, i nor get money am just a poor boy, i have a very thin di**k, i don’t even feel much when having sex with her, i have a small body statue, she is bigger than me and also older than me with 4 year’s, she is 29 years old, i don’t know what this girl saw in me that she doesn’t want to let me go.

Just yesterday evening i ended everything, she begged and begged and begged but i refused, she called me more than 50 time’s but i refused to take any of her calls…. She sent me several voice msgs on what’sapp that she is going to take her life if am leaving her for real, but i responded to none, now i haven’t heard from her since today, am so scared to go to their place her family doesn’t even knw me or haven’t seen me before, am so scared right now i haven’t heard from her since morning.

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