My friend who lost her memory after accident now remembers me – Lady

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My friend who lost her memory after accident now remembers me – Lady

In her emotional post, which has since gone viral, she wrote on how her friend is recovering and how delighted she is to get her best friend back.

Read her post below:

So for everyone that knows about my bestfriend getting into a car accident February 13. 2 of her brain cells were damaged and she doesn’t remember anyone or anything. Today we spent 3 hours playing uno ( she loves it ) so I love it also. She said my name without me reminding her.

I always ask if I can have her new number and she always tells me no but today she ASKED me for my number. All this time I thought she had a new number and it has been the She even told me I can come over everyday lol and sleep over and live with her lol

Even though she still doesnt remember who I am to her or how long we have been friends.. this is a big step. Even if it means starting our friendship over from scratch I am all for it. I told her we been friends for 8 years and she smiled. I almost cried

2/13/19 was Her car accident, she had brain cells damage, fractured 5 areas in her face ,broke her left arm, crushed her left wrist, broke different areas down her entire left leg, broke areas in top half of right leg and was in a coma. To now being able to walk and talk

Sometimes I cry because I miss how everything used to be and I miss having the conversation we used to have and It hurts me that she has no clue who I am or the memories we shared together. But I am beyond grateful and blessed that she is still here with me.

And fyi she is great at UNO she beat me 15 times today ( I did not let her win ) lol.

She told me she loved me 8 times today and asked me to come over 4. she wont stop texting me and calling me. She even asked me questions about myself. This is a start of a fresh start friendship

and that is okay. I am grateful God.

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