My ex-girlfriend posted my photo and tagged with RIP – Man cries out

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My ex-girlfriend posted my photo and tagged with RIP – Man cries out

In his post on the forum, where he seems to be confused on how to handle the situation and seeking help from other users, he wrote that after they broke up the lady, in retaliation, moved on with two of his friends, just to get back at him.

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Good evening nairalanders

Pls help me, how is the best way to address this or fight back this useless empty head called my Ex.

It’s been months we broked up, and after then she went on fucking two of my course mates, thinking they were my friends as retaliation, because we took pictures together. Her excuse for the break up, was she came to my place and met a lady shoe at the door, so she turned back for leave notifying me of the breakup.

We met recently, about two months ago, then she confessed her terrible acts, and started pleading to make things work back, I told her Immediately, what I shared with her was just a thing, not that serious to call it love, that I hold noting against her, and we started getting in tough with each other.

So fast forward to yesterday, I uploaded a picture on whatsapp, showing myself and a lady, only for this my Ex to download the picture and post it on her Instagram page tagging it RIP.

A friend of mine saw it, and immediately call me if am alright, he was shocked and sent me the screenshot.
I don’t have her as friend on my Instagram and Facebook because of the kind of nature of being she is on hearing this, I rushed to view her page, and I noticed she has taken it down because a friend have seen it.

I plan to respond to this, as this is not her first time of wishing me death, she once threatened 2 of my Ex via her social handle.

She used to be a very nice person during my tenure in school, so caring and always feeling insucure despite her beauty. but this her anger issue always get me in check till I lose my total interest on her.

Pls I need matured or better still legal advice to address this. I don’t want to drag in the mud with a pig.
This is a lady I have her nude on my phone, sent to me herself many months ago, someone said I should reply her post with her nude, others said i shouldn’t but handle this legally.

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