More Details: Nigerian Civil Servant Owed 10Months Salary Breaks Down In Tears After His Daughter Died Because He Had No Money For Hospital

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Facebook user, Ogirima Nana Sule, shared this heartbreaking video of a civil servant and his wife who just lost their daughter due to lack of money for hospital bills in Kogi State.

According to him, Kogi state government is owing him 10 months salaries.

he captioned the post;

This civil servant just lost a child because their was no money to pay hospital bill. According to him bello is owing him 10 months salaries. Watch the video


Imagine this comment;

Ahmad Abdullahi I really felt for the parent who lost their precious daughter to the hands of death.
It is high time Kogi State government should do something urgent to arrest all these ugly case of salary.
But the truth remains, let’s always have faith in everything we do either Muslims or Christians. From God we come and to Him we shall all returns when time comes.
Even if the man have been paid his salary till date and Almighty God has decreed for his daughter to die, the salary wouldn’t have stop the death of this beautiful young girl.
Yesterday was a case of director that hung himself cos of 11 months salaries but to me it didn’t worth it to commit suicide cos of salary.
We should not politicize everything that happens

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