Mexican model Are Rojas strips n@ked in protest

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Mexican model Are Rojas strips n+ked in protest at the ‘normalization’ of violence against women as she waited for gas at a service station outside Mexico City.

The bizarre demonstration, however, did not quite achieve the reaction she was hoping for.

‘I received comments where women wanted me to be killed’, Rojas said.

‘They attacked and criticized me without listening to me, without seeing the news and without knowing anything about me.’

Mexican model Are Rojas strips naked in protest lailasnews 4
Mexican model Are Rojas strips n*ked in protest

The stunning 27-year-old Mexican still hopes her impromptu photo brings some much needed awareness to the violence inflicted on women in Latin American, and around the world.

‘The surprising thing is that in the 21st century a n*ked human body generates more debate, controversy and concern than the violence we live every day,’ Rojas told DailyMail.

‘It seems that we have “normalized” violence, but nudity is more worrying for the false morality of our society. There is a need for comprehensive and real sexual education in schools, educating future generations not to rape, abuse or kill.’



The mother of an eight-year-old boy was headed to a photo shoot on January 14 with her photographer before noticing their vehicle was running low on gasoline.

Mexico has been battling an oil crisis since late 2018, causing drivers to spend hours just to reload.

As the wait to refuel lingered on, Rojas stepped out of the photographer’s car and removed her  trench coat much to the surprise of the other motorists whose patience was perhaps growing while they waited inside their cars.

The session lasted a matter of seconds and was shared the following day.



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