Meet Lady Who Survived A Fatal Fire Accident As A Child, That Burnt 60% Of Her Body, She Was Told She’d Never Give Birth, But Now Has 3kids

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Facebook user Success Placid Ugoji just shared a touching story about a lady named Kanisha Anthony;

“At the age of 4, I was in a house fire. I remember being trapped by a room full of fire than being pull out of the window by my big toe. I was in the house with my mom and 3 brothers… two brothers (age 2 and 6) did not make it out. I was sent to one hospital where they weren’t able to do any thing for me, then flown to another. By the time I made it there, my heart had stopped. My mother had been told her 3rd baby died. After a few minutes, I was given another chance at life. And I don’t take it for granted at all. I was burned over 60% of my body, lost my 4 fingers, lost my hair that isn’t able to grow back again.
Those were the things that I lost…but I gained so much more. I was given life. I am married. In this photo, I am pregnant with my 3rd child. I am blessed. No matter what you are going through in life know that you have been picked personally to live the life you are living. Through your bad days and through the good, you are here!!!”

28-year-old Kanisha Anthony is a burn survivor, and she was told she’d never bare children, but here she is, a mother of three kids.

Kanisha has been through more trauma than most women her age, yet she has a positive outlook on life in spite of them.

At age 4, she was trapped in a house fire at the age of 4. Two of her brothers died in the fire while Kanisha, her mother, and one of her brothers survived miraculously.

It’s a surprise she survived because her heart stopped beating for about 4 minutes immediately following the fire incident.

She lost 4 of her fingers, an ear, and all of her hair in the fire. She also had burns on over 60% of her body, including on her stomach and she was told she could never have children. But as God would have it, she conceived.

She was then told that the burnt skin of her tummy could not stretch to accommodate children. She went ahead to carry the pregnancy to term though she had to live with daily excruciating pain as her tummy stretched.

Kanisha had the courage to go through this pain, not once, but three times. Now, she inspires others to look beyond their scars and learn to live without fear of what people will think. She will soon release her new book sharing her story with the world.

See more photos of Kanisha below;

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