Man blasted after bragging about marrying a rich lady

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In his post, he mentioned that the lady bought him his 1st car and established him in business and he is glad he is marrying a woman who can do that for a man.

Man blasted after bragging about marrying a rich lady

See his post:

I wanna share 10 things about this woman before we wed this weekend;

1. When I met her I had no place to stay. I was sleeping on a couch at a friend’s house. And she knew.

2. I found a place later on, and she helped paying my rent for months

3. She got me my first car ever.

4. My laptop got damaged and I needed it so much at the time so I could work on my things in order to earn something. She gave me hers.

5. She covered most costs for our dates for a year.

6. She invested in our first two businesses together. And opted for me to run them full time

7. I never met her mom until when I brought my family to meet hers

8. She celebrated and congratulated me for any penny I made at the time, even when it was as little as $10

9. She supported everything I was trying to do to make ends meet. Whether it earned us money or not.

10. Though I’m very stable and all that now, I know she doesn’t really care about those things. She cares about me solely. I know she’d give me anything in the world if she had to,coz she has proved it over and over again Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the kinda woman I’m marrying

His post however did not go well with social media users who believe he is only marrying her for her money and might not truly love her.

See their reactions:

*** I wanna share some things too1. My mom tells me to avoid “men” like you2. You never said you love❤️her u only like that she pays for everything for u3. She obviously wears the pants in the relationship She’s even wearing a tuxedo in this pic4. Are u taking her last name?

*** im happy it seems like it worked out for them but i used to be this woman and am here to tell you it’s not worth it. you dont have to basically raise an adult on the off chance they’ll grow into your equal. sis was pouring all that energy into him that couldve gone into herself

*** This is so pathetic and embarrassing. I feel sorry for her and all the pick-me’s in the world that feel like they have to raise a man in order to marry his ass. Meanwhile, what do you do for her outside of suck the marrow from her bones?

*** Got 3 things to say about this1. Bro, every morning you wake and every night before you get to sleep, pray, pray and pray. Thank God for loving you so much as to send you a life sized Angel.2. Don’t ever think if messing this up, I’ll beat you up personally. I will find you.

*** With all respect, seems like points about her are actually about u? Is that all u see, how she selflessly fulfills ur needs? What is there about her, that is not done for ur benefit, that u love? Genuine question. If that’s it, what will happen as u become more self sufficient?

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