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Lucky Dube Greatest Hits – Best Songs Of Lucky Dube Full Album

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Lucky Dube greatest songs

Lucky Dube Greatest Hits – Best Songs Of Lucky Dube Full Album / Mp4 Download/ Watch Film/ Free Youtube Download

A comment by a fan named RAFIU BARUWA: May your soul continue to rest in peace Lucky. The whole of South Africans need to honor this guy in a fantastic way , using his musical talent to preach peace and love across the planet of earth.

When Bob Marley, Peter McTosh and other reggae stars passed on , I thought in my mind that , we lost it all musically in the musical world. Wooow Lucky Dube came up, the first time I heard his tune, I was in South India in a city called Chennai (Madras) (I think sometimes 1996/1997)where I heard Lucky’s track, “Going back to my roots” over the radio. Believe me i just thought in my heart, “what a hell, you people said Peter Tosh is dead, but he is here singing again……well it is a long story because it took me a very long period to recover from the loss we have encountered in the Reggae world.

It is real high time to start appreciating our lost talents. Please let peace continue to rule across the world.

The clarity of our video is incredible! The quality is “off the chain,”.

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