I love her so much- Bryan Tanaka gushes

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The new man just can’t contain his excitement dating Mariah


Mariah Carey ‘s new man, Bryan Tanaka gushed about her at
the premiere party of her new show in new York on Sunday
night.At the bash, Bryan told E News, they have always had a
connection and he loves her.He said

“I’ve always had a thing for Mariah. I love her so much. Just
make sure you tune in to the show and you’ll see kind of how
everything happens… We’ve been friends for a long time. I do
a little dance move here and there and we have a good
time.””Something connected with us back in the day and
there was just a mutual admiration. She saw something in me
that I actually didn’t recognise at first, from that it was over. It
was set in history that we were gonna be connected some
way, some how.”

When the diva was asked about him, she said

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