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List of Police Academy In Nigeria (Latest Update)

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The Nigerian Police Academy is similar to higher education in the country, where students study to become police officers.

The Nigeria Police Academy was established in 1988 and has trained thousands of police officers to date.

If you want to join the Nigeria Police Force, you must attend the Police Academy to become an officer.

This blog post will reveal the List of Police Academy In Nigeria.

List of Police Academy In Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have about 28 police academies that anyone can attend. They are:

  1. Police Academy, Kano
  2. Police Staff College, Jos
  3. Police Training School, Ilorin
  4. Police Training School, Ikeja
  5. Police College, Ikeja
  6. Police College, Kaduna
  7. Police College, Maiduguri
  8. Police Training School, Ibadan
  9. Police Training School, Benin City
  10. Police Detective College, Enugu
  11. Police College of Information Technology, Abeokuta
  12. Police Mobile Training School, Gwoza
  13. Police Mobile Training School, Ila-orangun
  14. Traffic Training School, Ikeja
  15. Police Training School, Makurdi
  16. Police School of Communication, Ikeja & Kaduna
  17. Police School of Anti-Terrorism, Nonwa-Tai
  18. Police Training School, Sokoto
  19. Police Training School, Bauchi
  20. Police Training School, Minna
  21. Police College, Oji-River, Enugu State
  22. Police Training School, Jos
  23. Police Training School, Nonwa Tai
  24. Police Training School, Oyin Akoko
  25. Police School of Music, Ikeja
  26. Police Training School, Iperu
  27. Police Training School, Calabar
  28. Dog Training Schools, Jos

These are the list of Police academies we have in Nigeria. You can attend the best academy that fits you, and location is also a good factor.

POLAC School Fees

If you want to gain admission and attend any of the Police Academies in Nigeria, a school fee is one of the admission requirements to consider.

Some students have no idea about the school fees of the police academy. If you are one of them, search no more.

How Much Is The POLAC School Fees?

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay any school fees or tuition fees if you want to attend the police academy.

All you need to do is to pay the academy registration fee of N3,000 and a JAMB score of 180 and above.

Nigeria Police Academy Cut Off Mark

The cut-off mark for the POLAC in Nigeria is 180. Please note that you will be considered if you score less than 180.

Nigeria Police Academy Courses

Just like any higher institution in the country, the police academy also has courses they offer.

Click here to check out the courses they offer.

What are the requirements for POLAC (NPA)?

How Do I Register For The Police Academy?

You can register for the police academy through the link below.


Is NPA Form Out?

Yes, the NPA admission form is out and currently on sale.

How long is the POLAC training in Nigeria?

The police academy training lasts for 18 months. It is sub-divided in six-month learning stages: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

How many years does it take to graduate from Polac?

It takes a minimum of 5 years to graduate from Polac. It consist of both police and academic training.

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