And this was how this lady lost a job opening before the interview

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Nigerian motivational speaker,  Abiodun Atobatele, took to Facebook to share a screenshot of a chat between him a job seeker, who wrote in abbreviation.

And this was how this lady lost a job opening before the interview lailasnews


The post he shared came with the caption;

This one was told to contact me for a job. See the way she chatted me up! Yeye abbreviations. Interview already failed


And this was how this lady lost a job opening  lailasnews


Few weeks ago, we reported that a in a move to try to get everyone involved in the 2019 general elections, a Nigerian man took to Twitter to disclose that he disqualified 3 job seekers for not having voters’ card.

On the voters’ card incident, @olagladstone tweeted;
I helped a friend to conduct interviews for staffing in her office yesterday, 9 candidates were in attendance. I disqualified 3 of them who claimed not to have PVC automatically. That makes my job easy.
It begins from there, extending to Mechanic, Electrician etc.
If you don’t care how decisions are made in your country, which has a direct effect on your future, I wonder if you would care what happens to an organisation you just work for. Their side was clear, they simply said Nig  does not worth it. I won’t take that from anyone.
I keep saying it, those who voted for candidates who cannot simply attend a national debate had done this country more evil than those they voted for. GEJ used the same statistics available to PMB, and in this video, he established the difference btw UNDERSTANDING and CLUELESS.
Well few weeks ago, search engine giant, Google, unveiled a new job search experience designed to help job seekers find employment opportunities.Unveiling the feature in Lagos, Google’s Country Director, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, said the new job search would help millions of Nigerians in searching for new opportunities. She said that it would be through an immersive experience that would let them explore jobs from across the web, and refine their search to meet their specific needs.

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