Lady Leaves Her University In Ibadan And Travels To Lagos To See Her Boyfriend On Their Way To Night Club They Order Uber Only For The Driver To Be Her Dads Brother

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Nigerian twitter user Dinma @didi_promcy Just shared a jaw dropping story on how her friend got busted because of Uber;

So last night, a friend was gisting me how her boyfriend ordered an uber for them to go to the club.

The uber arrives, my friend and her bf get into the uber. My friend turns to greet the uber driver..vioala! It’s her dad’s brother.

Uncle starts the trip to see where they are going, Destination shows club. Long story short, she is on her way home to know her faith

Yes, her uncle snitched on her. I mean what it the possibility of this happening. Of all the uber rides.

This happened in Lagos, she is supposed to be in school in Ibadan.

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