Lady brutally beaten by neighbourhood security men in Enugu over N1000 (Photos)

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A Nigerian lady identified as Gift Okoro has allegedly been beaten black and blue by the neighbourhood security men in her area because she was unable to pay the N1000 security levy demanded from her. Gift claims she was brutally beaten up the security men beat to the point she was unable to walk.

Lady brutally beaten by neighbourhood security men in Enugu over N1000 (Photos)

A concerned friend, Christian Onwugbolu, took to Facebook to call out the Security men who he identified as members of Amorji Nike NEIGHBORHOOD watch after they had beaten and injured the lady. She was left with a wound on the top right breast and bruises on her arm, back and chest.

Read his report below.

“From my Inbox…..
This incident happen at Amorji Nike Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State. The Lady in the picture live at Amorji Nike in Enugu East LGA of Enugu State, she was beating up by Amorji Nike NEIGHBORHOOD watch because she could not pay up N1000 SECURITY levy.
When the NEIGHBORHOOD watch came to their apartment, the Lady told them to hold on for her to bring the money. Meanwhile she already paid three months earlier, but when the lady by name Ms Gift Okoro entered her room to bring the money, the lawless NEIGHBORHOOD security men rushed into her room to carry her standing fan, to her surprise, when she asked them why are they doing that, they started beating her, they beat her to stupor that she cold not walk with her legs.
These men even threaten her that she will not do anything. The Lady phone number is 08146063139 or 08145055354.
This is TOTAL ABUSE of power. The NEIGHBORHOOD Security men should be apprehended. They have no right to assult a woman.
Dr. Kester Ezuma
U can aswel call her number for more details.”s

More photos below…

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