Kanye West signature forged in $900k scam

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Kanye West signature was forged in $900k scam, that let to many believing he as billed to perform at Philipp Plein’s New York Fashion Week.

There were rumours earlier this week that Ye was to perform at the event, before it was shut down by his wife Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

Kanye West signature forged in 0k scam lailasnews

TMZ is now reporting that Kanye West himself was never contracted for the performance at all; instead, according to their sources, a G.O.O.D. Music associate (and former friend of Kanye’s) misrepresented himself to Plein as Kanye’s rep.

He allegedly negotiated a nearly million dollar contract for Kanye’s performance, including a $900,000 advance, which, according to TMZ, Plein wired to an account associated with the scammer.

He also allegedly forged Kanye’s signature in order to make this hefty transaction happen.

The gossip site also obtained a picture of the contract with Kanye’s forged signature on it and with that of Plein. See the photo below;

Kanye West signature forged in 0k scam lailasnews 1

They said the money has apparently been cleared out of the account it was sent to by Plein in order to confirm Kanye as the act at his show.



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