Kanye West Complains About Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Outfit As She Claps-Back

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Kanye West has expressed his dissatisfaction over the way his wife;  Kim dresses and this got her furious.

The rapper who currently is going through a transformation phase as he intends to become a born-again christian said it to his wife’s face that he isn’t comfortable with her sexy outfits. He made a reference to a particular event for in which she appeared too sexy which made him uncomfortable.

Kim however didn’t take Kanye’s complaints with open arms as she counter-attacked, telling him he was the one who built her up to that level and one who gave her the confidence to be who she is now. She also added that the fact that Kanye is going through a transformation phase does not mean she is too. So she wants to be left alone.

Watch video below:

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