I made N10 billion in 7yrs – Ubi Franklin (Video)

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He however added that he spent the larger part of the billions on flexing as he didn’t have the financial discipline to handle that much money at the time.

I made N10 billion in 7yrs – Ubi Franklin

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The video, which has already gone viral, is garnering so much reactions on social media, as Nigerians dont want to believe it is possible for Ubi to make that much and squander just like he mentioned in the interview.

See some reactions:

*** It could be true?‍♀ even me I’ve made 6billion from 2014 till date but the major part of the money was spent on semo and egusi

*** Oh wow i get u ! I made like 5billion myself just last week everything is all Good

*** The interviewer said hum hum

*** If you were actually making these amount of money, you won’t v time to be impregnating all those girls.. BABA Dae lie abeg! Everything for the gram

*** Well, I know Ubi to be a successful entrepreneur. He doesn’t flaunt and he’s just so down to earth if you know him in person. Easy to access. If he says he made 10Bn, who am I to argue?? I have my own money to make. To each, his own hustle and success..

*** Me that made 190 billion in 2 days did I go and announce it? ???… Mr pregnancy

*** Guy u dey mad ooh, 10billion and u were calling my friend for loan of 3million to complete a project…… I was der during the conversation no be say them tell me …. Guy calm down on your Lamba

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