I hate when people defend women because they’re married – Simi

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Nigerian music star, Simi who is married to Adekunle Gold said she hates it when people defend women just because they’re married.

Simi took to her social media page to share her views on women being defended because they are married, saying it implies that disrespecting a single woman is excuseable.

She wrote;

Hate when people defend women with “how can you talk to a married woman like that?” “You can’t do that to her. Do you know she’s married?”

I know u mean well, but you’re implying that disrespecting single women is excusable. We gotta change that.

Marriage does not elevate the value of a woman. Every woman, regardless of status, must be treated respectfully. Some married women also need to erase this idea that they’re more special. You’re really not sis. Your special is in the good that you do and the value you add.

Her followers decided to weigh in on her opinion. See some responses below.

@DsmileO – I do not support disrespecting single ladies. But I want U to understand female took 65% of d world population but govt enrolled 85% male into military. That is to say, we need male for protection and a protector should be respected. Ladies are to CHERISHED not RESPECTED.

@bukambu_france – Being married is a prestigious and honour, as we respect and accord special treatment to married women, we impart confidence to unmarried women that marriage is a beautiful thing? to you Ms Jericho

@stickwitme03 – I dönt mean 2 di$repect single ladies,but i feel y ppl say dat is bcus wit marriage cums lots of responsibilities,so pple see dem as deserving more respect.

I hate when people defend women because they’re married - Simi

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