I hate my disabled son, I wish he dies – Woman says

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I hate my disabled son, I wish he dies – Woman says

In her post, she mentioned that the boy has a rare case of Down Syndrome and though he breathes, it is as if he doesn’t exist at all.

She mentioned that he is not even aware of his environment, doesn’t recognize her and even his older brother.

She has therefore made up her mind to put him in residential facility so she can forever forget that he exists.

Read her rather sorrowful story:

See reactions to her painful story:

*** After having a disabled brother & seeing how hard it was for my mom to take care of him, I don’t feel sorry for this woman still tbh. It’s hard but you have a choice before it gets this bad if you don’t want to take on the responsibility anymore. It isn’t the kids fault. Ever.

*** Personally, I’d have a lot more sympathy for this woman if she didn’t talk about the child in such a dehumanizing way. Regardless of anything, none of what’s happening is the child’s fault. The father committing suicide was the FATHER’S choice. The child didn’t ask to be ill.

*** She needs help… Her other son needs help… I hate the names she calls him… But I also couldn’t begin to fathom what her life has been like. It seems that she has tried but recognizes it’s just too much…. She’s making the right decision… And I hope she finds peace…

*** I understand. I feel like a lot of people feel this way but won’t admit it because they are afraid of being attacked. It must be really hard to have a child who is totally dependent on you. And then to imagine that when you pass, you will be passing this child on to his brother


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