How traffickers kill, harvest organs of victims – NAPTIP

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Speaking at an award night to mark the end of a week-long event to commemorate 2019 World Day against human trafficking in Abuja, the NAPTIP DG said traffickers lure vulnerable women to foreign countries with the promise of helping them to get jobs, The Sunday Sun reports.

How traffickers kill, harvest organs of victims – NAPTIP lailasnews
How traffickers kill, harvest organs of victims – NAPTIP

She then went further to explain their modus operandi

She said:

“Human traffickers, with the aide of their accomplices take advantage of the situation. Before the victims are trafficked, their real identities are changed and it’s properly reflected on their travel documents.

“So, when they are involved in life-threatening challenges along the way or get drowned in the Mediterranean, no one gets to ask proper questions on their true identity, neither will their family members identify them because they are given fake identity.

“Their vital human organs are then harvested by the human traffickers to service the need of their clients across the world. Interestingly, the act is not restricted to people involved in accidents. Those who migrated illegally to different other countries have been victims too. Unfortunately, they are not alive to tell the story.”

She recalled an incident few weeks ago when an online advert from Abu Dhabi was trending on social media, calling for application from young Nigerian drivers and other domestic workers.

“Immediately, we saw it, we suspected that it was traffickers at work because Nigeria never had bilateral labour agreement with Oman. We acted swiftly to protect innocent Nigerians from being victims of such evil act.

“We did ‘disruptive action’ and arrested the people at a hotel in Lagos where they were operating. In the course of investigations, we discovered that the applicants were charged N15, 000, as registration fee.”

She appealed to Nigerians to be careful and aware of different tricks being used by human traffickers to lure innocent victims.

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