According to the distraught doctor, the patient was rushed into the clinic and an emergency scanned was needed. He stood as surety for them just because they didn’t have the cash at that moment, only for the woman and her husband to elope with the bill.

How stroke patient ran away without paying hospital bill – Doctor narrates

Read his post:

So last night I was on call. A young woman 34 years old was brought into the accident & emergency. After initial clerking, I had a strong suspicion that she had a stroke. An urgent cranial CT scan was required. Patient & relatives said no money at hand cos they rushed to the hospital

But if it could be done, they’d pay tomorrow ( being today). My obi oma did not allow me the reason. I called the private facility that runs the scan to come & get it done cos hospital CT is broken down & being serviced presently. They did the scan, withheld the film as is their

practice for patients whose scan was done on credit. They’d release the film when the patient pays. Being a young woman, her presenting symptoms weren’t typical but my suspicions were strong & to aid quick intervention, that CT film was necessary to know for sure.

I called & acted as surety & film was released. Stroke diagnosis confirmed. Treatment started & being a young person, reversal was progressive almost immediately. This morning at about 10 am I came out to check on the patient only for the nurses to inform me that she signed a discharge against medical advice form & they had left …

Instinctively I got their phone numbers from the patient’s folder & called. The husband picked & immediately I introduced myself & mentioned payment for the CT scan he ended the call & switched off his phone.

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