How My Dad’s Neighbor Repeatedly Defiled Me for Years – 14-Year-Old Nigerian Girl Tells Court

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The defendant, whom she recognised in the dock as “Baba Aliyah” and ” Baba Maruwa” is being charged with defilement.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), a 14-year-old girl (name withheld) on Tuesday told an Ikeja Domestic Violence and S*xual Offences Court how his father’s neighbour, Rafiu Sanusi, allegedly defiled her five-time in his room.

NAN reports that the girl was 12-year-old at the time Sanusi allegedly had s*x with her for the first time. The defendant, whom she recognised in the dock as “Baba Aliyah” and ” Baba Maruwa” is being charged with defilement. The girl said this while being led in evidence by the Lagos State Director of the Public Prosecutions, Dr Babatunde Martin.She told the court that the defendant had s*x with her every time she went to pay her father a visit in the Amukoko suburb of Lagos.

She said: “I know the defendant, he is my father’s neighbour. He used to have s*x with me every time I go to my father to greet him.

“He used to call me inside his room and would ask me to remove my clothe and have s*x with me.

“He had s*x with me five times but I did not report to anyone because the defendant threatened that I will die if I tell.

“It was Brother Ibrahim, who caught him having s*x with me through the window, that informed my father. My father told my grandmother and she reported the case to the police.

“I was taken to the police station which I cannot remember the name and from there they directed us to a hospital where they checked my private part and informed my grandmother about the report,” she said.

In a cross-examination by the defence counsel, Mr Idowu Adekoya, the girl said she was a JSS 3 student and her father was a butcher who went to work as early as 9.00 a.m. and returned at 10 p.m.

She said her school aunt advised her to inform the father when the defendant allegedly defiled her the fifth time.

“Prior to the time that Brother Ibrahim caught us, no one had caught him having s*x with me,” she said.

NAN also reports that her father (name withheld) testified and said that the defendant used to lure her with N10 or N20 to allegedly have s*x with her.

He said: “I know the defendant. He is my neighbour. It was one Alfa who saw the defendant having s*x with my daughter through the window.

“The residents were very angry at what the defendant did because my wife died recently. They advised that I should take my daughter to a hospital in Ikeja. From there, we went to court in Agege and the case was later taken to the High Court,”

He said his daughter started living with her maternal grandmother after the death of her mother in 2017.

A forensic expert with Mirabel Medical Centre in Ikeja, Dr Oyedeji Alagbe, also testified that the result of the examination carried out on the girl showed a forceful blunt penetration into her vagina.

Justice Ramon Oshodi adjourned the case until June 27 for the continuation of the trial.

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