Heartbreaking Photo: 67year Old Legendary Nollywood Actor Sadiq Daba Is Seriously Sick Suffering From Leukemia And Prostate

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Activist Joe Okei-Odumakin, paid a visit to ailing veteran broadcaster and actor, Sadiq Daba, who is battling with Leukemia and Prostate. She shared her experience with him.


(For Sadiq Daba)
I am angry this Sunday morning. My friend for over 30 years, Sadiq Daba dances in pain, every moment. He is our national treasure: a consummate performer, a popicon, an idol who brought us tear jerking moments and laughers with his performances as an artist, actor and a patriot. Sadiq sleeps and wakes in pains, tortured by Leukemia and brutalized by Prostate Cancer. He hopes to see each day. But deep inside his heart, Sadiq is frustrated by being neglected by the same Nation and people he empowered: he was there for some widely known politicians and start up movie makers, entertainers and those in all walks of Nigeria.

He used his celebrated superstar status to serve and help other Nigerians. He sacrificed his fame for those not privileged his celebrity in Nigeria. Sadiq became the gate pass to many success stories across the Nation called Nigeria. But these times, as Sadiq is saddled with his pains and fights to beat Cancer, those he held up while they were down seem distanced. The promises faded into blurred visions. Nigeria is a nation that selectively celebrates those within the corridors of its powerhouse. Sadiq, though has the keys to the cities, the locks, these times are changed. And they turned their backs on him: left alone in pain and penury, left to die pleading for just N20Million to save his life. “Jebose, na where I wan get that kain money. You know me say na only movies I dey do”.

Time is against Sadiq, if he is not helped. He needs N20 MILLION. Do we have to wait for his death to celebrate him?. He served Nigeria with his heart. He dedicated his life and career to this nation. Meanwhile, down South, two foolish government officials engaged in noon day egotistical nonsense with their staff, causing mayhem and damages that are worth over N20million: mid East, a crazy Idol worshipper Governor is erecting statues of ageing Presidents, a feast that totaled more than N20Million. They want to tell me they have not heard the stories and cries of Sadiq Daba?. Haba. His home state on the Plateau tuned out the cacophonies of our pleas and his sufferings.

Sadiq Daba has been forgotten by Nigeria. Shame on you, Nigeria. The times he needed a nation to be grateful and appreciative of his contributions to our pop culture, tourism and movie industry, Sadiq is left silently weeping inside a Lagos hospital, waiting to go home and live in painful peace. Few friends dropped by to cheer him up. But the nation’s leaders continue to ignore the ailing treasure. I hate you, Nigeria. Yes. I do.- Azuka Jebose.

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