Four (4) Marriage Goals for Couples Who Want to Thrive in the New Year

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Four (4) Marriage Goals for Couples Who Want to Thrive in the New Year

Here are four marriage goals to keep in mind when it comes to thriving (not just surviving) in your marriage:

1. Spiritual goals
Do you want to start praying together? Do you want to start going to a Bible study together or just start reading the Bible together? What are some ways that you want to increase your spirituality as it directly relates to your marriage? Having and nurturing a spiritual connection is important in a marriage.

2. Intimacy goals
Before you can have a great $ex life, your overall intimacy has to be intact. If there are insecurities on either end, it is that much harder to enjoy intimacy in the bedroom. Do you need to check in on your spouse more? Do you need to start paying more attention to their love language? Do they need to hear how much you appreciate and love them?

3. Dating goals
Finding time to date can be a challenge. But if you’re lacking in intimacy, you may need to focus more energy on creating time to date your spouse regularly. And don’t be afraid to create a new definition of what dating looks like in your marriage. Do you want breakfast in bed once a month, or do you want to take a cooking class? Is there an activity or show you’ve been wanting to do/see but have been putting it off?

4. Financial goals
Beyond saving for a house, or car, or trip or college fund, what will it feel like to get or have these things once you achieve them? Do you want to make new investments or increase your current ones?

Don’t just talk these goals over with your spouse. Get committed to them. Write them down, and evaluate how you’re doing on (at least) a quarterly basis.

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