Former Premier League star sentenced to jail for fraud

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The former Czech international was jailed for failing to return money he made after selling a luxury car he didn’t own.

Former Premier League star sentenced to jail for fraud lailasnews

The Prague 6 district court ruled that the 45-year-old Repka sold a luxury car had been renting at the time to a woman. It was also revealed that Repka signed a deal, promising to return the money if the ownership was not transferred to the woman, but he didn’t do that.

At Thursday’s ruling, he was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 15 months in jail. But his lawyer and the state prosecutor immediately appealed.

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The 45-year-old former player received a six-month sentence last year for advertising sexual services on the Internet in the name of his ex-wife.

A court later changed that to community service but his fraud conviction could land him in jail. In the latest ruling, a court for a district of Prague found that Repka had rented a luxury car and sold it to a woman for 1 million crowns. (83,812.02 pounds)



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