Dumped Girlfriend Dumps Her Boyfriend’s Car In Swimming Pool (Photos)

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For breaking up with her rather than fund her marketing business venture, a jilted girlfriend and model identified as Kristina Kuchma, reportedly drove her ex-boyfriend’s car into a garden pool to get revenge.

Her boyfriend, Guy Gentile, who came home to see his Mercedes S400 hybrid in the pool, told New York Post:

“My heart dropped because of [fears she was inside]. “I didn’t care about the car at that moment. “But after I realised she wasn’t in it, then I start to get pissed off that she would pull something like this after everything I’ve done for her.

“I dumped her. She dumped my car.”

Gentile, said their last dinner together was supposed to be a casual one with a friend — until she dropped a bomb on him. He said: “She looks at me and says, ‘I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant’.”

However after Gentile agreed to support the child,  she said: “I’m not pregnant with a kid – I’m pregnant with an idea”, as she then tells him about a marketing business she hoped he would help fund with $50,000 gift.

Gentile had already bought her a Gucci bag, a new iPhone, and new Beats headphones as a birthday gift — but this request “blurred the lines” between business and romance, he said. He decided then to end their year-and-a-half-long relationship.

She reportedly then stormed off, taking the keys to his £41,000 ride so she could deliver some payback, he said.

It took more than four hours to get the car out of the pool, Gentile said.

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