Drivers pick $175,000 after door of armored truck opens on Atlanta highway (Video)

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A video has surfaced, showing drivers, passers-by rush in dozens to pick their share of the dollars as it flew around from the armored truck on the highway in Atlanta.

Drivers pick 5,000 after door of armored truck opens on Atlanta highway (Video)

Many of the people who stopped to pick the money can be seen getting back into their cars with a handful of dollars.

The armored truck was driving on the interstate when one of it’s side doors flew open Monday near Ashford Dunwoody Road. Footage captured by another driver showed cars stopping to pick up the cash and quickly return back to their cars.

According to police there were more than 15 vehicles that stopped to collect cash but by the time they arrived, they had all varnished.

Police however warned those who frantically grabbed money to return it or face charges when caught.

“For those who do not return the money, we do have the videos, we have tag numbers,” Sergeant Robert Parsons said.

“Don’t make us come looking for you.”

Watch the video below.

Unbelievably, Dunwoody Police today have revealed that several people turned in some of the money, at least $4,400. Two Atlanta men came in and handed over $2,000 to authorities. One man identified as Randrell Lewis said he thought about what the money could do for his family, but decided to return it because it wasn’t worth the legal trouble.


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