Don’t rush to buy Range Rover when you make millions – Dr Dolor

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The CEO of Dr Dolor Entertainment, Dr. Dolor, while dishing out some motivational words for young people, encouraged them not to rush to buy Range Rovers SUVs and G-Wagons once the millions began to flow in.

Don't rush to buy Range Rover when you make millions - Dr Dolor lailasnews
Don’t rush to buy Range Rover when you make millions – Dr Dolor

Dr. Dolor, whose company manages singer Teni Entertainer, in his post, made mention of when he was coming-up in business and had to patronize 2nd Hand Boutiques to look good.

And also that his bad experiences growing up has not affected his humility, even when the millions began to pour in.

He therefore wants every young person out there to do same.

He wrote:

God has been faithful to me, some of you don’t know my STORY but you know the GLORY. I remember buying this jacket in BEND DOWN BOUTIQUE YABA (Incase you don’t know what that means, it means used clothes in an open famous yaba market) in 2009 before going for Christmas holiday in London.

Then my salary was 175k monthly but I still will put my self in the level I belong and not do above my earnings. But I know where I was going and still going.

The aim of this post is to MOTIVATE you to keep doing you and keep going never giving up, don’t steal from people I have never stolen from any man, don’t trick or try to outsmart people, wealth only comes from God, ill gotten wealth won’t last, make the kind of money that you can sleep naked on your bed and have rest of mind not thinking people will come after you. When you start seeing few millions stay humble!

When tens of millions start coming in humble yourself again and again, when you see your first hundreds of millions my dear friend stay humble still!!!

Don’t rush to go buy the new G-wagon or Range Rover we not in a competition nor be by who first buy car they will always make a new brand every year just the way they make new iphone every year ??‍♂️

There’s too much of Gods blessings enough to go round for everybody Psalm 24. Have a strong passion for what you legitimately do, run with your vision, have a relationship with your maker GOD. If you do you will sit with KINGS and eat with them and you also become a King. Hope you putting in work in 2019???



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