Dice Ailes Voices Concern Over Deaths Of Uwaila Omozuwa & Tina Ekekwe

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Nigerian artiste, Dice Ailes has also voiced his concerns over the recent killings of two innocent ladies in the country.

Heartbroken by the recent killings, Dice took to Instagram to share a strong message. He said there is absolutely no excuse for such horrible things to happen in the first place and demanded that those responsible must be held accountable. He wrote: “It breaks my heart that on top of battling a pandemic, we not only have to worry about our loved ones not making it home because a trigger happy police officer decides to open fire, we also have to worry that our sisters and mothers and aunties and friends are not safe from sexual predators.

Two days ago, that was the fate of 16-year-old Tina Ekekwe who was shot dead by a police officer, and Uwaila Omozuwa who was raped and murdered in a church! There is absolutely no excuse. These things should never happen. We must remember their names. We must hold these people accountable!

It continually breaks my heart that we are still plagued by ethnic and religious bigotry. Every Nigerian life matters. Every Nigerian life should matter. Why are our leaders silent on the Kaduna massacre ? Hundreds of people have been displaced. Too many lives have been senselessly lost.”

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