Dele Momodu Reveals Why He Stopped Supporting President Buhari

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Media Mogul, Dele Momodu, has revealed why he stopped supporting President Muhammadu Buhari.

Momodu, in a post on his Twitter page, said he left Buhari due to his inability to unite Nigeria and not because of ‘poor economy’

He said this on Friday after a follower accused him of sowing discord among Nigerians with his publications online.

The follower wrote:

“Dele you have lost it. Now l am truly disappointed. I am a Kanuri by tribe born from the egg of a Kanuri from Yobe and an Edo Woman from Edo State How dare you sow division amongst us? Shame on you sir.

Responding, Momodu said Buhari has caused more division in the country than any government.

“Please give an example of the division I sowed. No one has divided Nigeria like these people since the civil war.

” If there’s one reason I left Buhari, it is his inability to unite Nigeria, not because of the poor economy, that is never his fault.”



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