Daddy Freeze Reacts To News Of Ubi Franklin Being A Stingy Man

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Controversial on air personality, Daddy Freeze has just defended record label boss Ubi Franklin who was called stingy by a follower.

See the post below;

Read his comments below;

I was copied in this post done by @king_chidozie so I will address it.

Firstly, my dear @ngoziobiosa how are you today? I have read your comments several times so I know you are a smart lady. You raised a valid question; “is it true @ubifranklintriplemg is stingy?” Well from my own experience the answer is NO!

I remember Ubi calling me from the front of my office. He just came from a trip abroad and got me an IPad without me asking. He said “Bro I just thought of you and got you this.” I still use that iPad today, several years later, so I don’t consider Ubi stingy in any way.

I also agree with Ubi saying tithing is not to be imposed on anyone, it’s the ‘matured believers’ part that sets my alarms off. There is no such thing as a mature believer and you guys have to be careful not to take what pentecostalpastors, especially that gentleman that drives a G63 and has a huge church not far from OANDO in lekki, teaches you about tithing, hook line and sinker! (He doesn’t mention my name when he preaches about me, so let me return the favor in this particular ‘experience’)

Although I agree with many of his teachings on grace, I totally disagree with his take on tithing and his attempt to justify it through Melshizedek.

You see dear Christians, tithing in itself, with regards to the teachings of Christ, is a false doctrine, so it’s not an honor or a trust system, ITS MANIPULATION! ~FRZ

When God gave the commandment of tithe, He clearly stated who would pay the tithe; who would receive the tithe; and the purpose for receiving the tithe. He said the tithe would be paid by Israelites (except those from the tribe of Levi). He said that only the Levites were permitted to receive tithe and also said it was for their service in the tabernacle of the congregation. God actually gave them the tithe as an inheritance (Numbers18: 21-24). For you to be eligible to pay tithe, you have to come from any of the tribes of Israel, apart from the tribe of Levi.

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