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CIVIC EDU: Nabteb Gce Civic Education Obj and Essay Nov/Dec Expo – 2016

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Nabteb Gce Civic Education Obj and Essay Nov/Dec Expo – 2016

TO GET Civic Education obj and essay


1a) values is described as the worth, merit or etheem which an indivichial, a person or group of people bonle for an idea or an object.
(bi) Justice: this is ability to be a neutral in making decision on matter that concern two parities. It empowers an aggrieved citizen to seek redress in a land court.
(ii) Self lessness : A good leader is an asset to a nation while a bad follower is a curse for a nation.
(iii) Honesty : It means a state of uprightnees. and open mindedness in our dealing and relationship with people.
(iv) Co-operation: This is an act of working with one another for or common goal and objective.
(V) Hard work: the values for hard work is progress. To work hard is to have passion and develop interest in what we do.
(vi) Self reliance: This is a situation of being free from other people in setting of goals. It means being independent.
Responsible parenthood idthe co responsibility of parents to provide the need of the children they have in terms of aspect of life. A parents must protect his/her young children from physical home even though the parents provide physical needs.
Responsible citizenry – a good citizens is someone who contribute positive towards his/her community growth and national also deal with doing what one is supposed to do voluntarily
Ii) reduction in crime rate- when parents take good care of their children such child desist from carrying out unlawful and illegal activities
III) healthy nation- simply means a society that live I unity and harmony as one I indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under God. It also the product of responsible parenthood to the nation
Iv) good leadership and followership – one of the duties of patients to a nation is to produce leaders that are mirror of the society a good leader therefore should be one who seek at all time and work hard towards solving his followers problem.
V) teach spirit of friendship and corporation – a well brought up and moral child will possess good traits of spirit of friendship
3ai)concerning the drug despite difficulties obtaining is of maintaining to quit using it.
Ii)increasing time spent thinking about using and recovering from the drug.
III)difficulty in handling of job
Iv)leads to deterioration of school or work
Co-operation and alliance with other security operative such as state security services (SSS) police, immigration and customs to keep out drug peddlers’ or barons from importing or exporting hard drugs through our boarders
Ii) prosecution of drug carriers and sponsor according to the law of the country
III) mass media campaign against drug trafficking and abuse to dissuade youth involvement in it.
Iv)conduct and undertake of check point patrol and and other security agencies on highway and dangerous flashpoint to fish out and inspect vehicle carrying contraband drugs or cannabis.
V) burning of fake or expired drugs o r cannabis farms most especially pharmacist Available within the society
6a) Popular participation is a system by which members of a society are involved in the selections of rulers and directly or indirectly in the formation of public policy. It maybe also defined as the active involvement of citizens in the political affairs and decision making process of their community, state or country
i)Some people see politics as a dirty, dangerous business for insincere men and women.
ii)Election rigging; when people vote but their votes are not counted, when ballot boxes are stuffed with ballot papers so as to make a particular candidate win it increases political apathy in the country
iii)Unfulfilled political promises; people lose interest in politics when they become unhappy with how their country is being ruled.
iv)Discrimination against some political parties; some political parties may not be allowed time and space to make effective campaign before election
v)The use if thugs in election ; politicians who wants to win elections by all means often resort the use of things
vi)Bad governance; when the government cannot fulfil the expectations of the citizens people refer to or label it as bad government.

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