Check Out Six (6) Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

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The season of love is here again. Love is in the air but only the brave will get a whiff of it.

With Valentine season, couples strive to show appreciation and share memorable moments with the love of their life. Valentine Day ideas do not necessarily have to be fancy to be memorable and meaningful for a couple.

Choosing activities to commemorate Val’s day is also hugely dependant on the type of partner you have.

Home-themed date night

A great Valentine date night idea to try is a romantic dinner at home. This home dinner should fit into both partner’s preferences. If you both love luxury, for instance, opt for a luxurious dinner set in the home; for minimalistic lovers, simplicity is the key.

To make this dinner date more romantic, you both can cook a complete three-course meal or hire the services of a chef or cook. If you have kids, tuck them in for bed earlier or opt for parents and relatives to babysit.

Home dinner dates do not have to stop at just eating, watching Valentine-themed movies like La La Land, The Notebook, Romeo and Juliet etc together, playing games and gazing at a great view are also interesting ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day indoors.

Go dancing

If you’re a couple who enjoys dancing, opting for a night out dancing is a great choice. Ask around for dancing centres, discotheques, dance centres etc. in your town. This dancing date night will be more fun if one party surprises the other.

Dancing is a fun activity and no couple could ever go wrong with a dance date. Alternatively, for music and singing-loving couples, karaoke night dates are the perfect idea to celebrate love and sing-off to favourite songs.

Plan a bonfire

There’s nothing as sexy and romantic as a bonfire date with the one you love overlooking a fantastic view like the sea. Pack snacks, a bottle of good wine, chocolates and lovely tales to share with your loved one.

Go on a wine/beer bar crawl

Bar dates are fun, imagine the extra fun involved in hopping from one bar to another trying different types of wine and beers. You two may want to save a bottle of wine for later on.

Book a spa date

With you and your partner working all week long and being stressed, it’s deserving to spend the Valentine date in a spa. The great thing is that a lot of spa operations offer special packages for couples to commemorate Valentine’s Day and offer affordable bonuses.

A spa date will leave you both relaxed and feeling exhilarated.

Book a hotel

If you and your partner are seeking more adventure this Valentine period, opting to make hotel reservations for your special Valentine date night is a great choice.

Hotels are a great choice because they come with a lot of facilities and operations offering their guests the best comfort, fun and entertainment. You may want to surprise your partner with a night lodged in a luxury hotel away from the kids, family, work, and friends.



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