Check Out 5 Phone Design That Will Leave You Speechless [Photos]

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1) The Chamelephone

This was one amazing device that behave more like a chameleon. The phone was designed to have a body that changes its appearance to match the texture of the surface it is placed on. The entry was designed Hiroyuki Tabuchi who stated that the concept of the mobile phone’s was for its body to mimic the environment its placed on.

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2) Amoeba Phone

This entry was designed by Kwak Yeon, the device which surface is touchscreen-operated was made to fit perfectly to the user’s face. The Amoeba like shaped phone sure has a beautiful design.

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3) The KAORA (Tile) Phone

This entry was designed by Wataru Igarushi , it was designed as a more user-friendly phones. The phone comes with customizable configuration that the user can change depending on what functions you need the phone to perform. Changes can the made to suit the user of the device.

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4) The Fold-a-Phone

The is another amazing device worth mentioning, the Fold-a-Phone came with a design (super-thin material) that allows it to be folded down to a small size allowing the users to carry it in his or her pocket or purse. The concept came from Hanna Sahlen and Sachiko Munakata.

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5) The F-Circle Phone

This device came with a completely different shape. Designer, by Yuji Ito, The F-Circle Phone, was combined with a rectangular keypad attack to a round screen. According to Yuji Ito, The F-Circle Phone is “timeless.

These are some of the most weirdest device ever made. What do you think, can you buy any of them?

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