CCTV ‘footage shows how female clubber died at Obi Cubana’s Abuja Club’, “contradicts claim of electrocution”

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A viral video which reportedly captured the incident leading to the collapse of a female clubber at Businessman, Obi Cubana’s Abuja Club, Hustle & Bustle, has surfaced online.

The incident, which led to the death of the lady, has been generating controversy.

The CCTV footage that captured the whole scene has debunked the initial report.

In the video, the lady who seemed to have gotten drunk after having a pleasurable time at the club tripped and subsequently collapsed on the ground.

This is coming after the Management of Hustle and Bustle issued released an official statement as regards the unfortunate incident while refuting rumours about her electrocution.

The video further dismisses claims that the lady was electrocuted.


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