Cake i ordered Vs Cake i got – Lady cries out (Photo)

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A lady has cried out after she ordered a beautiful peacock cake and got something entirely different from the baker.

This is yet another case of order gone wrong. The lady has taken to social media to share her plight, sharing the pictures of the cake she ordered (pictured above L) and what she got (pictured R).

Cake i ordered Vs Cake i got - Lady cries out (Photo)

See her post below.

All I wanted was the cake on Frame 1 and I got Frame 2


See reactions from some of her followers below.

Tragedy ??? – @tmatsea

What did the baker say when they brought this? Any explanations ?? – @KaraboKbmags

May be the peacock no gree spread the wings very well, not the bakers fault ?? – @abbide

The Peacok looks like iyagula ,idumbile plus ke nje????lePeacock ngath izoqhuma maybe thats why ingakhiph amaWings ???nekhekhe nalo nje ngath iVaas???lawa esashlobisa ngawo ngama90’s – @Cebo_McFollower

Probably tastes the same though. – @FUNDAmentalSKIL

When you meet an IG hun in real life – @SunflowAvenueTV

Have you tried feeding the bird so its true colours can come out? – @Harri_Obi

So sorry that happened to you Zintle. ? It also happened to some US woman, who wanted a cake similar to the one you wanted. And guess what, she got a cake exactly like the one you got. There must be a cake syndicate. ? – @AndiMakinana

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