My bumbum are very real – Actress Biodun Okeowo (Omobutty)

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Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo has always been a topic for discussion among her fans on if her endowments are natural or artificially induced, but the actress has come out to say that her bumbum her purely natural and a gift from God.

My bumbum are very real - Actress Biodun Okeowo (Omobutty) lailasnews


Although her nickname is Omobutty which was derived from a movie that shot her into the limelight, some fans have changed the name to Omo booty, because of the butt.

My bumbum are very real - Actress Biodun Okeowo (Omobutty) lailasnews 2

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the actress said that her butt is ‘very very real’ and if anyone doubts her, they should pay her mother a visit:

“My bum is very real and anyone in doubt should go to my social media account to confirm because I have some old pictures on my social media accounts that date as far back as 2013. If they are still not convinced, they should come to my house and look at my mother; that is where I got my endowment from.


“My nickname is Omobutty which was the title of a movie that made me popular. In English, it can be translated to mean, a sophisticated child. It does not mean Omo booty. I know mischievous people sometimes change the name because of my bum,” the actress said.

Biodun Okeowo, who once raised eyebrows by laying a very deep curse on a fan who claimed she was enjoying a lavish lifestyle in Lagos while her mother suffered in the village. The actress claimed it was a blatant lie and that her mother even lives with her right in her home in Lagos. She then went further to lay curses on the fan

This is what she wrote:

Good morning fams! I overlook most things but when it comes to curses and that, that has to do with my kids I don’t keep calm. Please fams one word for this idiot. Because right now I don’t understand why some people will hide under private page to perpetrate an evil act like this?. A curse on a mum who’s struggling on her kids…. Girl I place all the curses in the Bible on you @ola_mi_de gbogbo awon abiyamo aye ati orun won a panu po sepe fun e?


For your information girl, my mother lives with me she’s not in Ijebu. I know you will deactivate this account soon but all the curses shall follow you, wherever you go in Jesus Name too Amen!

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