Blac Chyna used to charge $30K per show, but now offered $2K

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Popular stripper and entertainer Blac Chyna used to have it all going well with her when she was associated with the Kardashians, but it all looks like her career is nose-diving a she has fallen out with the powerful reality TV star-studded family.

Blac Chyna used to charge K per show, but now gets paid K lailasnews 3


Her ongoing legal fight with the Kardashians is not good for her business. When Chyna started dating and had a baby girl for Rob, she was getting paid more to make appearances at clubs but their breakup and the drama around it all took that away.

Blac Chyna used to charge K per show, but now gets paid K lailasnews

TMZ reports that in her peak, Blac Chyna charges as much as $30,000 per show, but she now struggles to receive as little as $2,000 on some shows.

Read TMZ’s report below.

Blac Chyna’s value has plummeted at clubs across America, and the reason is simple — her wagon has been unhitched from the Kardashians.


BC is turning 30 next week, and we’re told she’s spread the word to promoters she’s available for club bookings. We did a little digging and turns out Chyna’s earning power has fizzled since breaking up with Rob Kardashian (unless waging courtroom war counts).

The numbers are staggering — BC went from booking gigs that paid her up to $30k not too long ago in her heyday with Rob & Co. … to now struggling to snag more than $7k per gig.

That’s what several top club promoters in Cali told us, and it gets worse. One promoter said he wouldn’t pay her a penny more than $5k because Chyna without Rob is like Sonny without Cher.

A top Miami promoter said the max he’d shell out is $2k because she’s not relevant anymore.


BC’s new boo isn’t helping financial matters … this according to one promoter who said her relationship with 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay, who can’t even get into a 21-and-over club, is just whack.

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