Biodun r*pe Busola: Noble Igwe cautions Teddy A over his post

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Teddy A in his reaction to the saga, had written that no one should be castigated yet and the law should be allowed to take its course as only a thorough investigation would reveal the truth.

Biodun rape Busola: Noble Igwe cautions Teddy A over his post

His post has however drawn a whole lot of reactions on social media as most social media users stormed the comment section to blast him over his insensitivity on the issue.

Noble Igwe however cautioned him as well and said he would have preferred Teddy A never made the post as Timi and Busola don’t seem like poor people that would need unnecessary attentions to stay relevant

You are my family, so I’d say what I’d tell my family.
I’d rather that you don’t post than post this. ‪“There are two sides to a story”‬
‪You think Timi and Busola that are not hungry will risk everything that they have worked for just for Internet clout ? ‬

Other users’ reaction to Teddy A’s post:

Well to me i wont ever believe a married woman with 3 children, an amazing photography career and family will make up stories to shame a pastor, busola i stand with u my kogi sis

Fake celebrities:

ll this celebrities showing love and this just because she is Timi’s wife ?but on insta blog we read thousands of rape victim’s stories day by day,but none of the celebrities came out and speak out on their behalf,but today alots of celebrities are posting her pic’s on their page #IStandWithBusola Let all justice be DONE??????Rape victims are much????Not only Pastors on this table oooo Even Lawyer’s Bastard

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