Better to take poison than public money – Tanzanian President Magufuli

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Tanzanian President Magufuli, has likened looting of public funds to consuming poison and wants public officers in the country to detest from it.
John Magufuli, who is known for his no nonsense approach to corruption has issued a stern warning to government officials who embezzle public funds.
Better to take poison than public money - Tanzanian President Magufuli lailasnews 3

Magufuli issued the notice after it emerged some unscrupulous government contractors have been misappropriating public funds, saying it is tantamount to taking poison and may lead to their death.
According to reports by Global Publishers on Saturday, May 5, the Tanzanian president who was speaking Kidatu, Morogoro, said contractors who have pilfered public money, have taken poison.
“There are some areas where contractors have embezzled funds for government projects, they have taken poison. Funds for the fifth government aren’t to be misappropriated, it’s they would rather have taken lethal poison instead,”
“Those who have swindled government funds should start preparing themselves to give it back and implement the projects or face the full wrath of law,” warned Magufuli
He said he would not allow corrupt officials to rob tax payers fund as he toils to build the country.
“It’s not possible that I toil looking for funds and you just sit there embezzling funds, you are very wrong. If those contractors will run away, our security forces and police will ransack every place to find them. They will vomit those funds they are chewing,” he sensationally said.
The vocal president said justice will be served without caring which political party one belonged to or even if the culprit was a foreigner, saying he will deal with them accordingly.
President Magufuli has on several occasions won admiration due to his firm stand against corruption which includes cracking the whip on non-performing state agents and government overspending, traits that have long characterised many African nations including Kenya.

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