#BBNaija Angel announces his candidacy for Bayelsa governorship race

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Taking to his social media platform today, he wrote that now is the time to cause the change that the young people crave to see and that there is not time to talk about a Better Nigeria anymore, rather power should be transferred to the young people.

#BBNaija Angel announces his candidacy Bayelsa Gubernatorial race

He wrote:

The reality of life is that power is never given, but always taken. The time of talking about a better Nigeria is gone, now is the time for action. Let us be the change we want to see.
It is with this realization that I announce my candidacy for the 2019 Gubernatorial race in Bayelsa state. Let there be light!!!

Nigerians react:

*** Would have applauded him if his ideology of being a Governor is not to take power by force. U guys don’t understand the meaning of leadership, rather u guys wants to be an emperor “power toxic and money driven”
The main responsibility of being a leader is to serve your people and make their lives better not the other way round. Rephrase your declaration speech and we would have a discussion

*** He should have started with chairman position first but anyways I wish him the best of luck

*** Only small mind will see something wrong with his move.. Win or lose, as long as he took the bold step you all afraid to take. Nice one bruv

*** Angel is smart and brilliant. He’s always had that tenacity and rudiments to achieve…. Indeed you can’t just seat and wait for people to drop power on your hands, you fight for it…. If Angel’s intentions are real and genuine, I wish him the best ???

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