As Shared: The Puff Adder We Killed Under My Neighbour’s Orange Tree This Morning

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See the snake we killed under my neighbour’s orange tree this morning.

I was afraid at first because I know how dangerous this snake is. I had to call some guys to join me. Incidentally, another one was killed less than one hour earlier in the same neighborhood, about 3 houses to where we killed this one, though, bigger than this.

The guys I called to assist also happened to be the ones that killed the first snake. They cut its head and tail and said they would go and sell it for around 4k or so. I don’t know it’s name in English, but it is called Oka in Yoruba. If it bites person, that person no go live for two minutes on earth.

Aminna Fire fire, food don land. Oya do the needful.

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