Ariana Grande sued by artist for using his concept in music video

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An artist, Vladmir Kush is suing singer Ariana Grande for using his idea in her music video ‘God is a woman’. In the video released in 2018, the singer can be seen dancing in a silhouette while in a candle flame.

Ariana Grande sued by artist for using his painting concept in her music video

According to the artist, the concept was taken from a painting he did 20 years ago about a woman in a candle light which he named ‘The Candle’ and ‘The Candle 2’. Both paintings feature the woman as a wick raising alarm over a cloudy sky.

Vladmir claims the video was a rip-off of his idea as Ariana Grande used similar concept.

He is now suing Frenjoy and Ariana Grande for copyright infringement and also wants her music video removed from the internet.



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