Amaechi created problems for me in South-East – Buhari

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Amaechi created problems for me in South-East - Buhari

During an All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign in Enugu, Buhari disclosed that Amaechi promised the people of South-East that his administration will construct a railway linking their region to the Northern part of the country.

According to Buhari, fulfilling the promise made by Amaechi would be difficult because the minister didn’t submit any proposal of such to the Federal Executive Council. He, however, assured that people that he would convince the Federal Executive Council members for the project to be approved.

He said: “Amaechi has made you people a promise and I don’t know how to fulfil it. But I can see how I will fulfil it by getting the Federal Executive Council members to approve it.”

Buhari also urged the people of the zone to continue to have faith in Nigeria and thanked them for coming out to welcome him as he campaigned in the region.

He said: “We all must join hands to build a stronger country as we do not have any other country.”

The president added that his administration is focused on doing the things needed for progress in the country.

“if we get the roads done, get the rail lines done, and get other infrastructure done, we will be making progress,” he said.



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