Actress Debbie Shokoya – ‘People Who Go Under The Knife Stop Come Out With Their Full Chest And Stop Deceiving Others With Slimming Tea’

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Nigerian actress, Debbie Shokoya, has taken a swipe at those who go under the knife to get a perfect figure yet deceive people with waist trainers and slimming tea.

In a video, Debbie Shokoya warned women who undergo cosmetic body surgeries to stop deceiving people and urged them to own it with their full chest.

She defended BBL surgeries asserting there is nothing wrong with but the issue is with those who want their fans to believe they achieved their curvy body figure with slimming tea and intensive workouts at the gym.

In her video she said;

“Me I dont have problem going under the knife, the only thing I have problem with is those who gym and make people think there is a result for it – only for them to go under the knife.

Come out with your full chest, don’t disturb anybody, just go get the body in peace”.

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