According To Nigerian Laws, Men Can Only Be Sexually Assaulted. They Cannot Be R*ped – Nigerian Lawyer Says

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As the conversation on rape and sexual harassment against women continues, a Nigerian lawyer, Liborous Oshoma, has said that men cannot say they were raped because rape, as defined by the Nigerian law, is only when there is penetration and men cannot say a woman penetrated them.

According to him, what men can say is that they were sexually assaulted an not raped. He said this when he appeared on TVC this morning.

”That is a big legal problem. The best it can be is assault because as defined in our law, it is penetration. The question is can a woman penetrate a man. That has been the debate whether a woman can rape a man and until the laws are amended to redifine what rape is, the best that can happen is that you say a woman assaulted the man sexually and that can’t be defined as rape” he said.

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