ABTU bridge collapse: 30 students were on the bridge taking selfies – VC

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Abdullazeez exposed this when he hosted the Bauchi State governor, Bala Mohammed, who paid a sympathy visit to the Gubi campus of the institution on Wednesday.

The bridge fell on Monday night at about 11.45pm, following a rain, leading to the death of four students. Seven others were recorded injured.

The VC said that the students had earlier communicated to the management asking for a footpath from the hostel to the lecture halls as the main road was very far.

He said:

“The management felt that it was necessary to construct a metal bridge so that at a time, it would carry between ten and 15 people at a time

This was not meant for static loads but for dynamic loads, that means, you don’t stand on it, you just pass.

From the report we received from some of the students, when the rain had stopped falling and the students were about crossing, they found the scene excellent for them to take selfies.

So they started from two and before you could realise, there were more than 30 students on the bridge standing, and that bridge was not meant for people to stand.

Some of the students could not pass and had to also stand, and the bridge suddenly collapsed and that was how we lost three students.“

The VC announced that the university management has established an investigation committee to find out the remote cause and the possible way to handle the whole situation.

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