4 Best s3x Positions To Conceive Twins

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4 Best s3x Positions To Conceive Twins

Though having twin babies is not in your hands, some $exual positions may increase your probability of having them.

1. Side by side:
It is also known as a doggy style where the woman will position by bending her knees, and her partner will penetrate from behind. In this position, the couple will be able to conceive twins as the cervix will be more approachable to the sperms.

2. Standing up position:
It is also another doggy style where there is a chance of deep penetration.

3. Missionary position:
The man-on-top position helps the sperm to enter the egg easily, and it is the best $ex position to produce twins.

4. Rear entry position:
Here, the partner enters from behind, and in this position, the sperm remains close to the cervix of the woman.

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