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Today is the start of a new week and, we are all wondering what’s going to happen this week.

What does it have in store for us?

But no one truly knows.

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Nobody ever really knows precisely how their week will go.

But guess what?

We can sure be hopeful.

We can be hopeful our week goes splendid, full of blessings and successes.

Achieving this, starts with the mind set.

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The appropriate mind set for this is positivity.

Let’s have a positive mindset.

As we go through this new week, let us go with a mindset that sees everything as a blessing; as an opportunity.

Whatever it might be; writers block, lack of materials to work with, let’s try to stay positive and see it as a blessing.

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We should also be optimistic about this new week.

You know why?

Because this new week also ushers in a new month.

That’s right.

In this new week the month of May starts and, that is a whole lot to be thankful for.

Gradually, we are almost at the end of the first half of this year.

Yes, it has been a roller coaster of events.

But we have tried, managed to survive all the hurdles that life has thrown our way.

We must not relent now.

Now is the time to slay on; on the job, in our careers, in our homes, in our schools.

We have to keep moving and making lemonades with the lemons that life has given to us.

Let us draw strength from those people whose careers and lives we have applauded.

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Let us salute them for how hard they have worked to be where they are or where they got to; with the hope and dream that we too are going somewhere, maybe even farther than them.

Have a great week from everyone at

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